StGeorge_exteriorPrior to 1931, Anglican Church services were held in what is now the Maleny Community Centre, in Maple Street. In those days the building was known as the school of Arts.

Thanks to the efforts of parishioners, enough money was raised to purchase the Soldiers’ Memorial Church at Glasshouse. The wooden building was dismantled, and transported board by board to Maleny, where it was erected on land in Bunya Street, opposite the present Primary School.

The completed church was consecrated by Bishop Sharp on September 6th, 1931. Reverend Kestrel Cornish was the first priest in charge. In the early 1990’s it was decided that time had come to expand the church facilities. Land was purchased at the corner of Tallowwood Street and Walker’s Drive and plans were drawn up for a new brick church, hall and rectory. The new St. Georges church was dedicated on the 5th December 1993.


Sunday Service 9:00am


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